Check Yes Or Check No

If It’s Yes

This is of course the desired outcome.  However, as with every romantic relationship, there are many other things to say besides “yes.”

One thing, and the main thing, is that if the option to “check yes” is chosen, the choose-er must mean it.  Stay with it.  And, furthermore, live up to it.

Another thing about the choice to check yes is that there needs to be a real connection and at the very least the possibility of a future together.  Tomorrow is promised to no man, as the saying goes, and so it’s hard to vow and swear that all will work out perfectly well.  However, the desire to have that happen is part of the whole “check yes” option.

If It’s No 

That’s very likely the end of our couple for the foreseeable future.

And there needs to be a caution here as well.  Why a person is checking “no” must be looked at realistically.  Is it because there’s a lack of deep feeling?  Or is it because the idea of such a powerful connections scares the daylights out of you?

Oftentimes, there’s no turning back when a person decides to “check no”, so it should not be done hastily and surely it should not be taken lightly.

And there’s more.  

Naturally.  It’s never cut and dry in romance.

Whatever “box” is checked in this whole check yes or check no scenario, the person picking up the pencil and making that check mark should remember that there’s someone at the receiving end of all this and that there’s a heart that can be ripped into little pieces unless it’s handled gently and sweetly.

The truth of it is, if that “yes” box is checked without true meaning, and if the “no” box is checked just to be spiteful – it will end up closing a door that may not ever be open again, with this person or with anyone else for that matter.

How it is with my characters.  

Yes, my Counterclockwise Paranormal Romance Series includes characters that are full of passion and fire, and that means explosions happen from time to time.  They love with all their hearts and put themselves on the line for That Special One.

It often leads to confusion when life steps in and throws them all kinds of curves.  Add to it the interference from meddling relatives, duties and obligations, and the evil doings of women and men who are anything but sweet, and you’ve got the perfect storm when it comes to love.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    It makes me wish that this couple would just hook up and stay hooked up!!


  2. Tully says:

    Love is complicated. But doing the right thing is not. Your work gets me thinking.


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