Sometimes You Just Need To Go For It!

It comes at some point in every story.

And going for it is what makes any story, romantic fiction or otherwise, have a special spirit that stays alive in our memories. My CounterClockwise series brings characters to this decision point several times throughout the events in each book. They bare their souls, put their hearts on their sleeves and, and look fear square in the eye. That takes a lot.

I personally like creating more drama and tension around decision making, especially when it is a potentially life-altering choice. At that point, it brings the reader to a place of great anticipation about what happens next.

May not be entirely simple.

Not at all. Contemplating saying what you want, and declaring your intentions, can get any of us stuck in low gear while we consider what we’re about to do. Going for it might be the giant step, but it’s not all the steps necessary to get where you want to ultimately want to be.

As an example, a man who declares he wants to marry a woman, tells her parents and the woman herself, and then must make major life changes in order to have her and create a new life that includes a whole new meaning of the word, “we”.


Not guaranteed simply by going for it. That’s not real world and it’s not what happens in my stories, either. My characters take that leap of faith when they say they feel strongly about a person – just like we all do in our actual lives. And with that leap comes the belief that you’re going to land on solid ground, or at least know that there is a possibility of landing on that solid ground at any rate.

Besides not being guaranteed, there’s another catch to the whole idea of reaching a special level of happiness. You must do this. Going for it is the only way. Because if you don’t make that big effort, take risks, you will surely pass by opportunities that are the only things leading to that happy place you’d love to find.

Currently, I’m working on the update to book # 3 “Race Against Time.”  Catch up with the series and be ready for it!

Believe in your dreams. They may tell you who you really are……

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