Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

A woman doesn’t hang on forever.

And when she reaches the point of no return it’s a sad day for the man. He’s lost something precious and the most unfortunate thing about the situation is that he won’t fully realize that until it’s gone.

Even though breaking up is hard to do, the lady has done it because it had to be done. The bad feelings had to go.

She takes a lot beforehand.

Up until the point of hitting that wall, a woman will go through hell for the man she loves if it comes to that, and there’s just no stopping her.  Not even The Devil Himself could deter her.

Determination and pure blind-faith took on a whole new meaning for her, and the lady took risks she never thought she’d take and opened up her heart in ways that few have the guts to do.  It was before now unthinkable to her that she would not share the rest of her life with the man who stole her heart.

But she needs more.   

Much more than simply being the giver.  She needs as much in return as she gives, and when it becomes obvious that that’s not going to be the case, she doesn’t sit and cry over it. No, she’s long past all that.

She simply turns around and walks away. And she stops trying.

Only God knows.

What would it take for him to get her back? God Himself would be the best one to answer that question because there are so many things to be addressed.

But one thing is for sure. The only way that that will ever happen is if the man pulls himself up by his bootstraps and stands tall. Makes her an honest woman and leaves all the nonsense behind.

Twists and turns.

My CounterClockwise series takes my female leads through many different situatons and not all of them are pleasant. They all, at one time or another, do reach the point I’m speaking about in this article. Just like in real life.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly-J says:

    Yes. That’s for sure.


  2. I’m doing crying about it anymore. It used to eat me up but now? I’m just filling my social calendar and living large!!


  3. Linda says:

    I know it. Lived it many times.


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