And It’s All True To Me

Just the way I saw it happen.

And heard it, and felt it as well, in the dreams I’ve been having since I was only ten years old. It’s been a long time coming, but, finally, I had this AHA moment that I couldn’t ignore and began writing. Writing a lot. Writing until I got the first book done and published one week later.

Nothing stopping me.

Not now. I’m moving in a great new direction and that’s one where I feel motivated by what I love and what I believe in, and that’s the way life should be lived.

What you hear from so many of the motivational speakers is also all true. You should never focus on making money, or doing what someone else tells you to do instead of what you would really like to do, because those are the ways to make yourself miserable. And even if you do make money you won’t be happy. Not thoroughly anyway.

Right now there’s nothing stopping me at all. I have everything I need to continue to create this series. The story’s in my head. It’s in my heart. And now it’s down on paper.

What it’s like to suppress it.   

When you carry something around with you it’s a terrible burden. Something you know. Something you sense. But don’t want to admit – not even to yourself.

The story is there, and you want to tell it because it’s important to you. You are creative by nature and this is your moment to create. Only, you hesitate. For years. Decades. You put it off and dance around it instead of with it. It’s not a good feeling. Because at the end of the day you really do find yourself alone. And if you’re not happy that’s going to be so big and obvious to you that you may find yourself hating being alone, because you can’t hide from yourself.

What it’s like to open up about it.

Amazing! It feels like it’s finally your time to shine! All the good you’ve heard about following your dreams and making them a reality is there, right in front of you. Yes, it’s a great feeling!

My own past life was interesting, and had a storybook feel to it. This life has also become that for me more and more since writing this series. It’s opened my eyes to what I should be doing. If there is one thing a reader learns from my work is that I wish this for everyone. Follow that dream. There is always a way.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tully says:

    And there you have it. A beautiful lady with massive dark hair. A face that is unforgettable. And a body that makes a man nuts. Oh. It’s you, hon! And your soul is just as beautiful!!!


  2. Ginny says:

    Stay true to your heart!


  3. Christina says:

    You just keep saying it the way you see it, honey. It takes guts to do that. And you have what it takes.


  4. Just read this series and followed this blog. You’re amazing, Nancy. Simply amazing. I think you are one of the prettiest women anywhere and you are just what your fans here say you are – smart and talented. I have an autistic nephew, and he’s now 30 years old so I understand how it is to raise a child who is very different from the rest. Love your work. Keep the intensity going I forget who suggested that but I do too. You project youth and that’s going to bring in sexy so go for it, hon. God bless you!


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