She Was Not Just Playing A Game

No, she was not just playing a game by any means!

In my CounterClockwise series there is quite a bit of sadness, heartbreak and disappointment that happens. People get hurt. Some of them are innocent and did nothing to earn what they got. Others are snakes and surely deserve the harsh treatment they do eventually receive.

One of my favorite supporting characters is a lady named Nora Wells. No, she is not me. I’m personally represented in this series by Claire Stevens in the 1960s, and going back to the 1840s I’m represented by Margarita.

So Nora is a product of my imagination and is simply a woman I imagined may have lived at that time. And I do love drawing her character I have to admit.

Of course I relate.

Nora is the kind of woman I would be if I could take my modern day self and transport back to the 1840s. And that’s how I am able to bring her alive on my virtual pages.

Nora is full of life, and has a mid-life awakening much like the one I myself have had and continue to have. So again I do relate.

I know the rules.

The ones that were important to Nora. The rules about how a person behaves, what they say and do. The rules that say a man does not lie to a woman, not a woman who is clearly playing by different rules anyway.

It’s all well and good for some to play deceitful games when both parties are in it with eyes wide open. But when one is sincere and the other says lie after lie – it’s a damn shame. And a crime to my way of thinking.

Nora gets wise.

Oh yes, she’s far too smart, beautiful, successful and way too feisty to take too much of the man’s nonsense. I’m talking about the handsome singer Nora gets involved with in my CounterClockwise series – Tracy Douglas Allen.

Here’s a scene-in-the-works from Book #3 “Race Against Time” ….

Nora hadn’t meant to take up smoking. It just sort of happened. Somehow it went with the straight whiskey she had started drinking. They tasted good together. Not pleasant, but the kind of good that came from putting the right ingredients together.

But she refused to smoke in public. Or drink whiskey in public for that matter. The two fingers of Irish whiskey she drank at night, and the single cigarette she smoked, were done in the privacy of her own sitting room. The one that adjoined her bed chamber.

Sitting there tonight in her elegant satin gown and heeled slippers, Nora Wells was a vision.

Her dark hair was let down and fell nearly to her slender waist. She took a long drag of her French cigarette and tipped her head back to blow out the smoke. It was incredibly sexual, and Tracy couldn’t tear his eyes away from her if he wanted to. Which he clearly did not.

Nora had been out riding earlier, and the early September sun had brought a lovely color to her cheeks. Taking great care of her skin, her hair, her figure, all of it, Nora knew that the result was a pretty pink glow that brought out the brightness of her eyes.

“You did not show up yesterday.”

Tracy watched her mouth as she spoke, allowed his eyes to stay there a few seconds, then answered. “No. I was at the theatre. Working.”

Nora smiled. Her teeth were pure pearly white. A rarity in the 1840s. “Oh. I see.” She snubbed out her cigarette with the utmost panache and looked directly at him. “Then it must’ve been a mistake to see you coming from Mrs. Anglo’s house.”

He shifted nervously in his seat. Most women would not have said that to him. Not now. Not before he made love to them. He was a fine-looking man and he knew it, so most females wanted to get him into their beds regardless of the lies he handed out. But, as he had already discovered, this one was different. She played by a different set of rules.

“You saw me?” Tracy held onto his cigar and puffed casually. He didn’t want Nora to know he was scrambling for an excuse.

“Yes, actually, I did.”

“Why didn’t you call out to me? Or send your maid after me?”

Nora smiled. “I didn’t want to do that. I preferred to tell you this in private.”

He frowned at her. “Tell me what?”

“That you’re a liar. And a fool at that.”

“Why? You knew I was married didn’t you? I never lied about that. I never led you on.”

Nora finished her whiskey and sat back in her chair. Dressed only in an elegant satin nightgown that plunged down quite low in the front, her curves were very much on display. She knew it. And didn’t care.

Her voice was low when she responded. “You told me you loved me. Held me in your arms and made love to me all night long. You became obsessed with me. And I knew it. I knew that you followed me around. Seeing if you could catch me in a lie. You stood in the shadows and waited for me to come out of my hotel. You skulked in dark corners like a criminal. Like a spy. I saw you Tracy. Watching and waiting. You are not invisible. Instead it is I who should have been watching you. Not trusting you as I did.”

He started to say something, but Nora put up her hand and interrupted him. “I. Saw. You. And her. Understand??”    

Now Tracy was forced into silence. There was nothing more he could say. No lies he could tell. No wild story he could spin. He’d come face to face with the real thing and it suddenly hit him.

Nora Wells was everything he had ever wanted in a woman. Ever dreamed of. Ever prayed for. And he had treated her like a whore. Like one of the women who waited for him backstage and had sex with him as often as he wanted. Like one of the ones who would bed him just for a chance to sing with him. My God, he thought, suddenly feeling panicky, what have I done?

“Nora. I’m sorry. I have no defense here. I’m embarassed about the way I’ve acted. ” He shook his head and stared down at the carpet.

She laughed. “I’m sure you are! And I applaud you on that fine act you’re putting on! Tell me, what play is this from? Perhaps I should see it! You’re very good!”

Tracy looked at her sharply. “That wasn’t an act, Nora. That was real!”

Nora stood up now. Her slender, girlish figure gently curving beneath the satin gown was the best he’d ever seen. And he’d seen some. But no woman carried herself like Nora, stood up to him like Nora, spoke as intelligently as Nora… other woman smelled quite like Nora as she passed by.

“Good night, Tracy.” Nora stood, her just-full-enough breasts pushing against the fabric of her gown, the purely delightful pink color of the fabric matching the sun’s glow in her cheeks and the touch of rouge on her lips. She stood tood there, holding open the door for him like a beautiful statue. One that he now wanted to call his own more than ever. Wanted to claim as his…..

“Good night?” He stayed seated in his chair.

She nodded and brushed a strand of dark glossy hair out of her eyes. “Yes, Tracy. This is good night. Forever.”

His mouth dropped open. He couldn’t think of a thing to say. Women didn’t break up with him. They didn’t leave him. He left them! “Is this some kind of a joke? Or are you just angry about Mrs. Anglo? Honestly, Nora, you have gone too far!”

Now she saw red. “I asked you here, Tracy, not for you to take me in your arms and love me, but, to tell you what I think of you and the way you treat a woman! You’re a disgrace! I’m ashamed to have ever looked at you!”

Tracy stared at her for a full minute, then got up. He towered over her as he stood next to her in the doorway. He drank in the sight of her for what he now feared would be the last time. “Good night, Nora.” He simply said as he touched the brim of his hat and walked out the door – and out of her life.

That’s enough of a teaser, everyone! These two have quite a bit of chemistry between them, but, alas, Nora surely played by a different set of rules and so Tracy may have to face the fact that he gambled and lost the love of his life.

Book #3, “Race Against Time”,  will be updated by December 2017, so you’ll be able to read more about what happens between this couple and all of my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series characters!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly-J says:

    One strong, determined, incredibly sexy woman!


  2. Angela says:

    Gorgeous and deadly!!!


  3. Linda says:

    Intensity….nothing sexier than a cigarette!


  4. Yolanda says:

    Nora is a woman ahead of her time. Independent. Cool. Smart. Unafraid of this big lug of a guy who she obviously loves the hell out of. Yet she keeps it together and doesn’t let him walk all over her. Love that.


  5. chella says:

    I love Nora. She’s so important to this story. I really want her to succeed!


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