Lack Of Understanding

This causes lots of problems.

In my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series I have created situations that mirror what happens in real life, and sometimes what has actually happened to me as well. Like all authors, I draw from personal experience of my own and from the stories others have told me about their lives.  Life gives us the deepest well of knowledge we’ll ever have and it’s the best source of truth we will ever tap. Just look around and you’ll see what I mean.

When two people love each other, feel so strongly about each other that that passion blankets every other aspect of their life, it’s vital that they make their feelings clear and that the person they desire knows and feels secure about their relationship. When that doesn’t happen, it creates a lack of understanding that causes problem after problem  in romance novels and God knows it causes plenty of problems in real life as well.  Enough said I’m sure.

Big love only happens once.  

It may come to you once in this life, or never at all, but it’s a certainty that it will not come more than once. It can’t. It’s too enormous, too important, too much for any person to have multiple times. So if a character is falling in and out of love often it’s not the best kind of love, it’s something that may feel like love, but is instead a false alarm.

I personally believe that God has blessed some of us with a passion that is incredible, life-changing and strikes a chord within our hearts that is singular in its ability to move us and make us feel as though we were actually in Heaven. As sappy as that may sound to some, and frankly, it sounded that way to me at one time as well, before I started writing this series, it really does happen that way.

How it all gets resolved.

A declaration. A promise. That tells your beloved how much you love her/him and that there’s nothing in this world that will stop you once you know that you are also the one they feel so much passion for – it’s their hope and dream and prayer that this happens. They imagine it and fantasize about it so often it’s as if they can see it and hear it beforehand.

In CounterClockwise I’ve based my story on my dreams. And they are so special to me that I am able to tell this without reservation and with the knowledge that maybe, just maybe, I’m helping someone out there who has not yet gotten to the point of admitting their real love – and how deep it runs. And that they are able to overcome any hesitation and walk into that love with confidence and joy.

Fiction? Of course it is. And like all fiction, it is written with so much from the writer that it will hit home as true for many of my readers.

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  1. Linda says:

    It’s happened to me so many times. I don’t get him or he doesn’t get me. And neither one of us is the first to offer the olive branch. Fiction is stranger than life.


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