He Misses Her She Misses Him


That’s all there is to it.

Miles away and with crowds of people all around him, the guy still can’t get away from the memory of her and how she makes him feel.

And it’s no different for her. Everywhere she looks the image of his smile and the light in his blue eyes comes back to haunt her.

Love is an interesting thing for sure. It’s warm and beautiful and keeps you on a natural high that’s impossible to beat. And it can also make you jealous, insecure and leave you longing for the one you don’t have but very much want.

CounterClockwise couples:

Connie and Richard 

Living in separate countries does not stop the depth of passion these two feel for each other. They are meant to be together even though family and money came between them.

Connie takes refuge in her beloved family home in Mexico where she meets up with an old flame who is still burning very hot for her. Confused and frightened, Connie turns to Hector – but will she make the relationship a physical one? Will she turn her back on the vows she made to Richard?

Richard took up with the woman he spurned for Connie after they moved back to his home in NYC. He became a man obsessed with power once again, and found refuge in the arms of a former lover. But will it be enough to make him forget about the woman he fell in love with in minutes and married just a few weeks later?

Nora and Tracy

These two seemed destined for each other’s arms right from the start. Tracy, a true ladies’ man to begin with, was fascinated with Nora’s charm and that certain something about her he couldn’t quite describe. When he has the opportunity to work with her for a charity event, he uses that as an excuse to get her alone. Where will it go from there?

Nora was widowed many years earlier and has never given in to any man in all that time. She was not happy when she was married to her late husband and when he died suddenly, she swore off men entirely. But will the handsome singer sweep her off her feet? If yes where will it lead?

It’s for certain.

When they separate he misses her and she misses him. No matter what they have in front of them and no matter how hard they try – Sweet Cupid finds a way of reminding them that they cannot be the same as before. For they carry with them not only the memory but part of the spirit of the person they love.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Round and round we go. It’s so crazy. We all want the same things but we take so many wrong turns along the way. Chit.


  2. Cat says:

    I have wasted so much time in my life worrying about what he’d say if I called or stopped by to see him again. It’s crazy. It doesn’t get any easier when we’re adults. We still act like a couple of dumb kids who don’t know any better!


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