When His Reasons For Leaving Fade Away

He could name them one by one. 

The reasons for leaving her were many – and he thought he had them all straight in his mind.  Things were too complicated.  She had others to consider – a man, a child, and a lot of responsibilities on her plate.  All of them added up to a dead-end or so he told himself.

He was doing the right thing.  

Our hero was indeed playing the hero card and convinced himself that the knot in his gut would go away.  And the pain in his heart would subside and be forgotten.

His willpower was strong.  He turned away from her with a straight back and took the hand of another woman.  The two of them walked off into the sunset.

Then God and Heaven’s Angels teamed up against the guy. 

And one by one, all the reasons for leaving began to fade away.  The lady he left stood up on her own.  Strong, too.  Stronger than ever.

The lady had prayed hard for years for God’s help.  Finally it came.

Our hero watched from a distance, in amazement, at how much determination she had, and how independent she became.  Day by day.  Month by month.

It was quite an experience. 

Our hero was beside himself.  He looked around at what he thought he wanted as if he was stuck in a bad dream.

The house he thought he lived in no longer felt like home.  His daily work turned into chores he didn’t want to do.

And the woman he chose appeared to be more and more of just an also-ran; and felt like a glove that just didn’t fit.

What will our guy do?  

He has his options.  Once again.  But now things are different.

The lady he left decided to believe less in him – and more in herself.  Great for her but a sad fact for him.

And she had attracted the attention of more than one man as well.  Good guys.  Handsome.  Wealthy.  Smitten with her.

Good God, this hero is in it deep!

Moving forward isn’t easy.  

He can ignore the lady, of course.  He did it before. When he assumed that she was simply too complicated and came with too much baggage.  And the truth of it – the truth that really haunts him now – is that she was simply too damn much trouble back then.

But now?  Now that she’s standing on her own and clearly in the basking in a spotlight he never believed she’d earn?

That’s what tortures him.  What about now?

Read more about our mystery couple in my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series – and remember that I’ll be updating Book #3 by the end of this  year!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. erin says:

    Very sad. But it’s so true. We never go with the one we think is too much trouble.


  2. Ya. Some guys take a hard hit before they learn. Stupid bastards.


  3. Tina says:

    HA!! Guys do this all the time. Yah, they are stupid bastards all right.


  4. Kelly-J says:

    He’s got his issues!


  5. Ginny says:

    Two crazy lovers who just can’t stand being apart. Yet no one wants to admit it! Real life? Hell yes!


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