The Sun

The Sun, Major Arcana Card  XVIIII, Meaning

Traditionally, The Sun relates to an encouraging and supportive energy that helps us grow, and gives us great health, vitality and a beautiful smile that shines from within. Think of the actual Sun, and how it helps everything on Earth grow, and you get some idea of what the Tarot card means.

In addition to the wonderful growth potential, The Sun lights up the right path for us to walk down. Again, much like the actual Sun does, when we have a well lit road in front of us, we have no doubts about how to navigate it.

Furthermore, The Sun illuminates the whole picture for us and can help us see where we are headed and what the end destination will be like.

Finally, The Sun naturally corresponds to the 5th house in Astrology, which is ruled by The Sun, and that brings matters about children, love, romance and creativity to the fore. When you see The Sun in a Tarot spread, it might be the perfect time to pop the question – whether that’s about marriage or going out on that first date.

Decision Making Time  

There are two planets prominent in the Tarot – The Moon and The Sun. With The Moon you have a foggy atmosphere around you, with barely enough light to see where you’re going. There’s a sense of uncertainty and possibly deception in your camp.

When The Sun is seen in a reading all that changes for the better. Whatever you were uncertain about is now made clear. Any possible intrigue surrounding you is made obvious and dissolves in the bright sunshine. You know who loves you, who your true friends are, and you bond with family more than ever.

If you’ve been sitting on a fence about anything, today is the time to follow your instincts and go for it. Look for a clear marker in front of you. Is there something very good that’s happened? Something that looks like a stroke of luck? If so you need to take action on it and not allow this opportunity to pass by.

Spiritual Messages

  • Your family should be in high spirits right now. There should be a willingness to work together, to take excellent care of each other, of your home, and of enjoying life as a happy group of people.
  • Focus on making your home as inviting to others and esthetically pleasing to you as you possibly can. Because one of the aspects of The Sun is that it attracts attention and your family’s style of living will look very inviting to those around you – so don’t be surprised if you get inspired by all the compliments to make plans for parties, cookouts and hosting lots of family-oriented functions.
  • Also right now there is a spirit of change in the air. Summer is still high in your reading (or the spirit of Summer), but we are encouraged to look ahead at the Fall, and keep the warmth of The Sun in our memories even when the weather is colder.
  • Make plans for gathering your family together. Do it now so everyone marks it down and your relatives from faroff can book their travel plans.
  • The rest of the year starts right now. You’re being shown what to do to make it shine like a new penny. Fantastic!

Tarot readings become important to my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series characters beginning with book #2, “Connie and Richard”


The Sun Tarot Card.  This is The Steampunk Tarot Deck, which I personally  own.


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