Lovers From A Past Life

It’s all about timing.

Literally in my books. The real heroine in my story is Claire Stevens, even though she does not truly enter the story until the very last volume. No, I don’t have to issue a Spoiler Alert, I’m not giving anything away, I’m just making a point. No worries.

And, since that may surprise you as you probably think that the heroine is Margarita Merriton, the fact is that they are one in the same person. Margarita is the 19th century incarnation of Claire. So, the idea of timing is really what life is all about.

A sense of knowing.

Maybe it’s the way he walks. Maybe it’s the way she smiles. Or maybe it’s something you can’t even describe. But when you meet The One you proabably know it, or, at least feel very differently about this person.

This may not be the first time the two of you have met, at least in this lifetime. Knowing each other from decades or centuries past, may seem far out of the norm, but I believe that this is much more common than any of us openly admit. I think that we all suspect it at some point, but hesitate to own up to it.

Coming to terms with finding a past life love. 

You may be shocked. You may be blown away. And this could cause some interesting reactions. There may be times when you are saying and doing things you’ve never done or wanted to do before.

This is because the former you had more passion and was bolder than you have been up to this point. And don’t forget that you were very comfortable with your past life love and that means intimacy was there on all levels.

My characters experience this in very powerful and life-changing ways. Claire witnesses this through the annual dreams she has beginning at age 10, and by the time the story catches up with her current self, she is finally at the point of facing up to her beliefs, and knowing in her heart who she once was – and how that life was lived.

A deeply moving moment.

In your lifetime you may never experience this, but I think that if you do not it’s more because you refused it than because it was never there in front of you to embrace. It’s not an easy thing.

You may have been trained from early on that there is one way to think and one way to live in this world, and the idea of meeting a past life love will shake you to your foundation – and even frighten you when you find that some of what you were taught as a child may have been wrong.

All of my leads come to this place in their lives at one point in the story or another, They all have to face down that voice in their mind that tells him what to do and what to believe, and some have to face down the demons that have attached themselves to that voice.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts today.

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  1. chella says:

    Outstanding. Just outstanding. Your attitude about a past life is so refreshing. I love it. Thank you so much!


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