One Woman Is In His Bed – But Another Is In His Heart

A BIG Oops.  

“Melinda, you’re so beautiful!  I could look at you forever!” 

“I’m Victoria.”  

An uncomfortable silence.  Then, “Victoria, you’re so beautiful!  I could look at you forever!” 

It happens.  

And we may laugh at it when we see it in a book or on a movie screen, but, in real life, it’s not all that funny.  Especially. if you’re the “Victoria” in this scenario.

But of course, it’s not all that much fun for “Melinda” either.  Think about it.  Mr. Oops may have her in his heart, but there is another woman in his bed.

What the heck?

I refrained from using the other phrase.  Hey, it’s the 19th century here!  Even though they used their fair share of colorful language, for the most part, dropping F-bombs was not part of regular, day-to-day conversations.  And of course there were no social media sites to get anyone really, really, ticked off at their love interest LOL.  But let’s get back to the point of this section of my post….

The man in question here will remain nameless.  He’s got an eye for the skirts but in this story every guy from 18 to 88 has the same disease so it could be most any one of them.  And despite keeping his identity a mystery, the central issue is still the same:  the man is refusing to openly love the woman he should openly love and he’s going to Hell on a fast train because of his stubborn pride.

Uh-oh the “P” word.  

Yes, it looks like Pride comes alive in this series and causes all kinds of awful situations to explode.  But will the man see fit to step down from the lofty place he’s made for himself and reach out to the woman who fits him like a hand in a glove?

Every romance novel must reach a point in the story when it needs to bring the protagonists to the battleground, and face the most powerful opponent anyone can face – Pride.

Many rise to the occasion.  Many fall down in defeat.  

Whether our crossed-in-love man decides to stay on the safer course and avoid the woman he never dared to dream exists, or, suit up, stand up, and go after her, is yet to be decided.  I’m going to tell all of you for certain that one man does indeed rise.  Others fall down.  So you can try to figure out who will do what as you read or re-read my work.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    If the sonofabitch can’t keep his women’s names straight he should join monks on some mountain somewhere. Hate that. But……you did it again, hon. Pulled me right into your character’s. Even the bullshit is fun LOL


  2. Nina says:

    He may be a hot one but he’s still an asshole. With a bad memory LOL


  3. Tully says:

    Any guy who calls me by another woman’s name better be ready to get hit!!!!


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