Success Is Not Enough Without Her

It’s obvious to the lady.

She sees things very differently. She sees through the public image, the show for all the world to see, and instead sees the man alone with himself, alone with his thoughts. And feeling utterly alone without her by his side.

What everyone else sees.

The man. The success. The eternally handsome face. That’s what everyone else sees.

And most of them believe the man has it all. He’s made the dream come true, lives the success story, and is the role model for many a younger man who wants to make it big.

But that’s not it.

No, not at all. There’s more to the story of the man. He’s got demons he wrestles with that few others understand – if any of them truly understand at all.

He’s achieved so much in this world that none of the sadness and disappointment he feels seems possible to those on the outside. Those looking at him from that other point of view. Those other than the lady. He’s not hiding anything from her. She sees right down to his soul and that shocks him when he pauses to think about it.

It’s not enough without her and the man does know that.

So he avoids thinking about it.

There is so much in the man’s life. His career. His home. His friends. His women.

So many things that have been around him for decades and yet, those things, all of them put together, were never enough to keep the man from those sad moments. The times of feeling as though he’s always in a room full of strangers. Even when every single person there knows him by name and he knows them by name as well. It’s familiar but it’s never really home to him.

How it can change.

This is a difficult challenge. Very. The lady is there. She gracefully extends her hand out to him every day. And yet. The man persists in keeping with the same ways, walking down the same path. Even though it has nearly led him to hell time and time again.

And this lady is different. She’s proud and intelligent and her beauty is only a small part of her true value. And she’s a tough little lady. God knows she’s made of silk cloth that’s as strong as steel!

And that’s the man’s ticket. To life. To love. To real, honest-to-God happiness that runs so deep there is no end to it. That kind of happy.

Because that kind of happiness has a power all its own. It can heal. It can protect. It can strengthen. And it can love. Love forever.

Of course that’s how the story can end if the man sees the light. The one beyond the glow of his cigarette. The light that shines in that lady’s eyes whenever she thinks of him. Whenever she hears his voice.

So, go get her, man, take her in your arms and never let go again!

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  1. Very romantic and also very true!!


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