Saying I Love You

Words that can make you tremble in your tracks.

Love isn’t easy or fair and it doesn’t show up when you expect it. Especially that last part! But wherever, whenever, and with all the Lord-knows-what kind of things that may happen along the way – saying I love you is one of the best things you’ll ever do.

When you find it.

Welcome it! There’s no guarantee it will all work out as you hope, or if the other person will even feel the same way back, but, you need to to do this because it’s that important. At least that’s how my characters feel. The good guys. Perhaps not the others lol.

Love is an interesting thing in itself. It’s sneaky, and sometimes it comes disguised as something you can’t quite put your finger on, or, there are those times when you walk into a place such as a theatre and see a person who just blows you away.

Those are the interesing times. You may find yourself standing there staring at a person like you’ve just turned zombie or something and later on shudder when you imagine what everyone else was thinking. It happens I suppose. So I’ve heard. I digress here let me return to the article.

Expressing true emotions.

This is tricky. You don’t want to scare your dearest one off so you can’t just grab the guy and plant one on him and declare your undying love. Of course some men may like that but that’s probably not the impression you want to make. So you have to be more subtle, even when what you feel is far from subtle at all.

Choosing your words as wisely as possible is fine, but when it all comes down to it you may as well just cut to the chase and tell him. Just tell him what’s in your heart. Then try not to faint worrying about how he’s going to respond. It’s a memorable moment in life that’s for certain!

My characters go through all kinds of trials and tribulations when it comes to expressing their love so if any of you out there relate to this particular issue.  Alas, fiction imitates true-life!

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