All The Women In His Life

Richard has his issues with women.

Margarita’s father, Richard Merriton, had a long history of being quite the ladies’ man before he married her mother, Connie. That kind of behaviour ended upon his marriage, however, when the family moved to New York, and Richard saw his ex-flame once again, the past came back to him in a rush and he found himself in the middle of one huge mess.

Richard and all the women in his life –


Richard’s wife is a beautiful, very dignified Mexican woman, born to wealthy parents and very well-educated. Connie is also smart as a whip and is adept at reading between the lines when it comes to her husband.

She never knew about Richard’s past, seeing as how the two fell in love in five minutes, and the only reason why they waited three weeks (of agony for poor Richard) to marry is because Connie wanted to have a large celebration and allow as many of their family and friends from a distance to get there as possible.

Once she arrived in New York though, Connie’s world turned upside down. People were different; less friendly and seemed to be suspicious of her and the world in general.

Her husband’s ex-sweetheart, Cynthia, boldly insinuated herself into Connie’s life and it was not long after the two first met that Connie realized that Richard was having an affair with this brazen woman.

Taking her daughter with her, Connie travelled back to Mexico without her husband, which gave rise to gossip that the two were divorcing, and it also gave hope to a man from Connie’s past -the impossibly elegant, Hector Arrroya.


Richard’s daughter knew something was very wrong when he mother packed her up and whisked her off to Mexico in the blink of an eye. And Margarita, being on the borderline of her teen years, understood much more than either of her parents realized and agonized over the idea that her father and mother may not be together in the future.

She tried very hard to be mature and understand both sides, but the resentment she felt toward her father had time to grow during her stay in Mexico, and there were times she wished she never had to see him again.


She is the girl Richard grew up with; they attended their first ball together, and even toured Europe for the first time together with Cynthia’s family.

Everyone in their social circle felt sure that they’d marry; and even went so far as to approach Richard’s mother, Gertrude, with questions about the wedding plans.

But Madame Fate stepped in, and all other bets were off once Richard took a look at Connie. When Cynthia heard about Richard’s marriage, she fainted dead away.

Their relationship did not end there though, and when Richard showed up in NYC with his wife and daughter in tow, Cynthia pounced on the opportunity to ignite the fire between them once again.

The affair did not go unnoticed in New York, and tongues began to wag. Cynthia did not care, and continued to take the risk, feeling rather triumphant when she discovered she was carrying Richard’s child.

Plans did not go according to Cynthia’s expectations though and when Richard plotted with his mother to get Cynthia out of his life – there would be The Devil to pay. Cynthia made sure of that.


Richard’s mother is a powerful woman, born into a mega-wealthy family, and made all the more rich by her very advantageous marriage.

Widowed while she was still young enough to re-marry, Gertrude instead chose to enjoy her independence, and looked forward to her son’s brilliant career and his even more brilliant marriage to Cynthia.

The future as she saw it was torn apart when she learned that her son had married a Mexican woman, albeit one born into affluence, and any hope she had of an anullment was gone when the couple had a child, a daughter, named Margarita.

Never one to be defeated, Gertrude was determined to salvage all that she could from her son’s new alignment to the Mexican gentry, and stopped at nothing – nothing – in order to protect the new, and possibly excellent, future that now lay before them both.

Richard’s pain.

He’s wounded by all of this, but knows that it’s his own fault. He loves Connie, but didn’t even have the grace to write to Cynthia and tell her that their unofficial engagement was off.

None of his experience with women had prepared him for this. Usually, he was so much more in control.

And Connie was different from any lady he’d ever met. She was the most beautiful and intriguing woman he had ever encountered – and yet Cynthia showed a side to her that was equally surprising to him. It was fiery and sexual – and pulled him in like a magnet.

How it gets resolved.

You’ll have to read the future books in my CounterClockwise series to know more about that!

It isn’t easy to tie up all the loose ends for Richard, I can safely tell you that, and the final outcome will probably not be what you’re thinking.

Book #3 will be updated by the end of 2017 – so keep up with my blog posts for the exact date! In the mean time, CLICK HERE to start reading my CounterClockwise series!

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  1. chella says:

    Richard is a guy with issues. He married a Mexican woman much to his mother’s disappointment, and all the while he was supposed to go back to New York and marry someone else. He’s in some ways a great guy. But then again he’s an SOB. Love that though. Makes me want to know more!!!


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