No You Can’t Run From Love

Not for long anyway.

Try as you may, true love is going to find its way back into your life and into your mind – it’s too important and too strong to ignore. And that’s just the plain truth of it!

Love, though it’s beautiful and sweet, has its challenges as well. And sometimes those challenges can be so hard to work through that it’s easier and much less bothersome to pretend that it’s not love at all and call it something else. Attraction. Admiration. Even lust. But, none of those other descriptions of it will stay around for long when you’ve really fallen head over heels.

What to do about it.

In CounterClockwise my characters get into various situations that are humorous, dangerous, scandalous – or all of them put together – but most of them find a way to get past the just-for-show kind of flirtations in favor of something deeper and more meaningful. Except, perhaps, for the ones who are just plain bad to the core. They’re in deep trouble from the get-go and that only gets worse.

But, for the ones who are sincere, the story may have its ups and downs and twists through dark tunnels before they walk out into the light, however it all comes together eventually. For most of them. I can’t be a spoiler here!

Love knows.

There’s a certain something about a person who falls in love. They become more soulful, thoughtful and kinder all the way around. The love in their heart flows out not only to the one they desire but to the rest of the world as well. “Everyone loves a lover” is actually very, very true.

And their love has a mind of its own it seems. They sense things about their beloved that others miss. They can’t explain it or give proof of it, but they just “know” how the other is feeling or even what is happening to them, sometimes from miles or countries away.

When it’s right.

Circumstances may not always be right but the love in your heart is the only judge you need to recognize. Or answer to. That love will move mountains if necessary and bring together two souls who may not think it’s even possible for them to be together.

No, you can’t run from love. For the simple reason that love won’t let you run. Instead it holds you closer and closer. And, really, that’s where you want to be anyway…..

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