Never Let Anything Come Between You And Your Love

It happens all too often.

People fall in love every day – every hour perhaps – and yet so many walk around on this Earth without that special person. Why? Because of what I refer to as “The List”. Let me go into more detail here.

What is “The List”?

It’s all the reasons you hold in your head about why you “can’t” “shouldn’t” and “couldn’t possibly” be with the person you hold so dear in your heart. Those reasons become very real and very big as time goes on and before you know it you’re limiting yourself more and more every day.

Sometimes things are not easy – who really has it that easy anyway? – and God knows we all must come to terms with our strengths and weaknesses, however, when it comes right down to it if you’re a person who has been blessed with all the love in your heart you never thought you’d find, then you’ve got all the right stuff to make it real.

My characters can dwell on “The List”.

Yes, unfortunately for them, they can do just that. It’s a slippery slope you walk down when you start going into all the hows and whys that keep you from the person you know down to your very soul you should be with.

Many of my leads and supports alike have major issues with “The List” and it’s a big moment in the story when one of them comes face to face with it in a showdown.

Romantic fiction imitates real life.

Of course it does. That’s why so many fans out there (including me) read romance novels. It’s not because of the superhuman qualities some characters can have; instead it’s the everyday human kind of problems they face and the doubts they feel about themselves. That is the difference between a good read and one that really hits home.

Believe in yourself.

Much easier said than done. But what so many miss when they fall head over heels for a person is that this is a gift given to them by Heaven and that gift in itself makes them special. God and Heaven believe in you. Remember that.

There’s no mountain too high or canyon too wide to keep true love down or keep it hidden. Not for long. It’s like pure cream that rises to the top and never sinks to the bottom.

Book No. 3 – I’m working hard on the “Race Against Time” update!

Image:  Rick and Michonne, from The Walking Dead.  IMDb

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  1. Tina says:

    It’s a hard thing to do. Money, family, distance they all come into the picture and can really muck things up. You’re so insightful and every time you write about how your characters feel it really hits home. I’m a TWD fan too!!!


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