Not Fightin’ Words At All

They are part of being in love. And one man might be missing the point.

When a woman wants to be in a relationship with a guy she will stand up for what she wants and sometimes that means telling the impossibly handsome fellow off. And that always translates into giving him the truth without candy-coating it. Ouch.

But, it doesn’t mean she’s trying to fight with him. Just the opposite. She wants to give him that wake-up call that brings him into her arms. And keeps him there. Geez. Why else would she get so fired up?

Of course there’s history at work here.

Literally there is history, as you must remember that this is about a past-life paranormal romance, so the story goes back about 170 years or so. Over and above that though, this man and this woman have been dancing around the issue of do we or don’t we for some time now in this series as well.

As far as the woman is concerned she’s shouting, “we do!” As for the man? He has yet to make that declaration. Which also causes the woman in question to muster up her courage (once again) and tell him like it is. Someone has to after all.

Love doesn’t come easy.

No way! And it doesn’t come without its trials and tribulations. But it’s worth it. And she’s worth it. And what she wants to make more clear than anything else is that he’s worth it to her.

And so you see everyone, that what may seem to some like a female causing an uproar is not fightin’ words at all. They are actually screaming “I love you” beneath the surface.

Makes it interesting.

Oh yes. No self-respecting romance writer could ever create a story that does not have some kind of mystery to it. Will she ever get to listen? Will he ever reach out to her? Will they ride off into the sunset to live and love forever and ever amen?

Sigh. It’s all up in the air. And since it was most definitely a man’s world in the mid-19th century, and still is in many ways as we all know, it comes down to whether or not the man chooses to reach down from his place on his horse, scoop up his beautiful lady, and make her his own.

Now that’s a sight I can well imagine!

Look for the book #3 “Race Against Time” update soon. Hopefully, there will be some lady-scooping going on. God willing at any rate.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ginny says:

    Hell yes. I can throw some nasty words around when I believe I’m in the right. It’s all part of being human.


  2. Tully says:

    That cartoon drawing reminds me of you, Nancy, if you were to be drawn. Being mean is usually a sign that we are feeling just the opposite. Crazy, huh? XOXO


  3. cheryl says:

    THAT’S YOU NANCY!!!! {hugs}


  4. Lucille says:

    Agree that it looks like a cartoon of you, Nancy. You’re such a pretty thing. Hate you of course XOXO


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