There Are Plenty More Just Like Her

It seems to be this guy’s attitude. At least on the outside.

But on the inside there is another story. A sad one. Heck, a tragic one to tell the truth. And the real tragedy is that this particular guy can easily put his whole world to rights. Easily. So, will that happen?

Maybe he will.

On this side of the coin he knows very well that there are definitely not plenty more just like her out there in the world. Not for him there are not.

She’s his special one. The one that sees right through all the horse manure that makes up his pride and his outward show of strength. This lady knows different. She knows that he has his own Achille’s Heel and that it’s a damn big heel at that. Sitting right on the back of a size 16 foot. Or perhaps 17?

But he’s made the decision to put her first in his life. Where she belongs. Where he has always wanted her to be. Right there. You bet. Absolutely. Guaranteed. Finally!

Maybe he will not.

Of course the man could also turn his back on the best thing God ever handed him – and that includes lots of things he already has going for him – and chalk it up to Fate or Timing or the damned Wheel Of Fortune. Something. Anything. Just to find an excuse for hurting someone who has always loved him. Never waivered.

Geez — what the hell is wrong with this gent anyway?

And it could also be that he does not return her love. It’s not something he feels. There’s been no dark watches of the night for him. No hours staring off into space with only the glow of his cigarette for light.

Surely there has never been that time when his old friend Whiskey called him and they spent many hours together remembering old times. Of course that never happened either. That same bottle has been sitting on the shelf all along. Never opened.

Of course not!

When he realizes that there are NOT plenty more just like her.

Now this is the moment many readers have been waiting (not to mention praying) would come. Everyone else sees the man’s agony is his own doing. His wounds are self-inflicted and that’s all there is to it.

So when he looks the truth square in the eye and calls it by its true name – her name – it may come as a shock to some of you not to mention that this character feels as though he’s been run over by a rather large horse.

But he survives. If/when he ever comes to his senses he does. Otherwise….well, it’s a sad ending for him that’s for sure.

Sigh.  I do love to write about it!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Great series, Nancy. Would make an outstanding series of movies or a tv show.


    1. Nancy Welker says:

      Yes – that’s the hope Nina!


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