She Shows A Lot More Class Than He Does

It all comes out in the wash.

What is left after doing laundry is clean clothes – and what goes down the drain wasn’t worth keeping. That’s the jest of it. Laundry or life it’s pretty much the same.

In CounterClockwise there are characters who really rise to the occasion and stand up tall. Others, sadly, stand down and hang their heads in shame. As well they should.


In one instance there’s a man who loves a woman, however, he lacks the courage and high degree of honor to bring her into his life and do the right thing by her.

For a while making a cowardly retreat makes him feel safe, secure and that he’s back in his own little cave where all is well. Howver, something happens he did not expect and could not stop. He truly fell in love with the woman he rejected and it begins to tear his heart apart, bit by bit, to be without her.

That’s how he begins the downward spiral.


Lots of things continue to fall out of the sky at this man. An emeny of his goes public with his negative opinions. His losses at the card tables grow larger. And, his health is not quite as good as he thought it was.

If all that weren’t enough, the woman he ran to, his so-called safety net, disappoints him in a big way. The light is dimming in his life and it seems that he hasn’t got the power to bring it back.


Well, there are a lot of “ifs” here for the man in question and it all depends on whether or not he owns up to his own failings and makes that 180 turn toward the truth. At this point in the series it’s hard to say for certain whether or not that takes place.

But what does happen for sure is that the lady he treated like she was not quite up to his level shows a lot more class than he does. She stands tall and doesn’t back down. Wow. He never thought that would be the case!

True class.

This isn’t something that can be earned or bought. It’s something that is in the very fabric of our natures – or not in the fabric as well may be – and like the cream it always rises to the top. Always.

Book #3 “Race Against Time” has been published. But it’s not finished. Look for an update soon – it’s going to be an exciting read when it’s done!


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