Pride Gets In The Way

One of the Seven Deadly Sins right here.

And this one is probably the worst one of all. Pride gets in the way of so many positive things in life. Mostly they are things that could be positive – except we refuse to come down from our high horse and reach for them. Rich, poor, young or old, people have so much pride that does in reality rob them of what could be a beautiful life. Think this doesn’t apply to you? Read on.

When pride gets in the way.

It’s not just for romance writers who have an active imagination and dream up stories of the prideful man or woman who simply doesn’t budge. Oh no. This one is for all of us.

Every single one of us has something in life that we turn away from only because our pride won’t allow us to embrace it. That could be love. Many times it is, and we well know that. And it can also be a new career, a healthier lifestyle, or, accepting help from another.

While this is something you may be nodding your head in agreement right about now as you read, you may also know that this is not something that is easily fixed. That’s an understatement.

Pride for men.

We may think of Leo the lion, roaring and sitting so perfectly poised, looking around at all that he controls. Leo loves his hunting grounds, his lionesses, I did use a plural, and, he of course loves his “lions’ share” of everything.

Human men can be the same way. They think of themselves as masters of all they survey, and kings of their domain. That’s not so bad really. Except that it can include having his own way in all things or he’ll be impossible to live with, having his own harem – single or not – and, never, ever admitting that he was wrong.

Men can get hung up in this area of life. They don’t like the idea of revealing one’s truth, and wearing their heart on their sleeves is not something that comes natural. But, there is hope for them. There is that IF factor in the works. And when one of them comes to terms with that IF factor that makes for a great romance novel, and it also makes for a man who is truly, and finally, happy to the core. Amen.

Pride for women.

Very different. Women, most of us anyway, place our own pride in what’s happening around us and not necessarliy with us as individuals. I think it’s the maternal instinct that kicks in, whether or not you have kids.

We women think outside our own parameters, and instead take enormous pride in what everyone else has accomplished and, yes, we accept praise for the contributions we have made to those accomplishments. Let me get more specific.

The woman who is married to the man who goes on to be Mr. Big and reaches a very high level in his chosen work. She is proud, brags often and freely, and knows that behind that bragging is the unspoken acknowledgement that she was a big part of her man’s success. Sometimes that acknowledgement is not unspoken; and is in fact talked about freely as well.

Another example is that of the woman who is single and career-oriented. She can go on for hours about how much she has contributed to her company or her employer, and she glows with pride about the many positive changes that have come about since she began her work.

So, whether single, married or whatever the status, whatever the age or occupation, women tend to be givers and not takers and that is the biggest difference between typical male pride and female pride.

Look for pride, and all of the Seven Deadly Sins, to get in the way of happiness for my lead characters when CounterClockwise continues in book # 3 “Race Against Time”.

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  1. cheryl says:

    Is this evil guy hot or what??? Love what you’re writing!


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