Love Will

So many questions follow that……

Love will….find him? find her? do what? end happily? end tragically? Hard to answer! But that’s what writers of romantic fiction must do before the last page of that final chapter is turned.

How many times in life a person falls in love is completely unknown. Love of a romantic nature may only come once to many and for others it’s a regular habit. Not that it’s perfect either way, but, we all allow love into our lives or keep it away as much as we choose. Let’s look at this issue a little closer.

Love will come once?

For millions of people in this world, they fall in love, deeply and truly, only once. This may be their childhood sweetheart, or a person they met on an elevator in the office building they had been working in for years before, but regardless of when and how – they only let love in the one time.

When this lasts forever it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Two souls joined together through thick and thin, working, praying, raising babies, all of it, hand in hand and heart to heart.

When it does not last, and when life gets the better of them this is not a pretty sight at all. The two are broken apart forever, refusing to allow love into their lives again, and remain bitter and cynical for the rest of their days.

Love will come many times?

Of course this is not always true love. Some people simply crave that rush of excitement that happens when a fresh, new love walks into your life. Then it’s more of an addiction than an actual romance.

What I’m saying here is that there are people who can fall head over heels time and time again, with the usual results being that they get their heart broken and possibly swear that they will never, ever, let love in the door again. That vowing and swearing fades away quickly though when another person does walk in the door and they loose their cool all over again.

Sometimes, the lucky few who are not addicted but are actually looking for real love, do find it – and it can come from the least likely person under the most surprising conditions. That’s where I like to position my lead characters – in that place of almost giving up, almost throwing in the towel, and then, boom!, the love arrow hits them and it’s a sunny day once again.

Love will – really??

Sure love will.  Because in a romance novel – and perhaps in real life as well – love has all the power.  Yes, my story is  fiction, but there are so many real love stories out there to look at as examples that the creative art is only a reflection of what really happens.

People change. That’s not just a nice line in a poem or song lyrics you enjoy singing, but it’s really true. We’re literally watery humans – our bodies are 80% water – and as you know water is always moving. It gets around obstacles, and once it finds a way in it will keep right on coming until finally there’s a flood and you’ve got water everywhere. That’s what change does.

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  1. Jill says:

    How sweet! But difficult too. Love can rock your world and it can tear it down. But hey it’s how we all roll in life so I say go for it when you can.


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