I Love You – Marry Me!

Love is an amazing thing!

This post title is what all the laughter, tears, joy, fears, arguments and lovemaking all come down to.

At long last one of the two crazy-for-each-other lovers says, “Of course I love you – marry me and let’s just cut out all the other nonsense!”

My characters mirror real life in so many ways – as do all fictional characters to one degree or another – and so when they reach that point of looking their love square in the eye and telling them how they feel it’s a moment we all live for. It’s that beautiful!

Furthermore, this is so very special that it has a life of its own and does indeed live forever. Remember, my characters are telling the story of a past-life past-love that was alive and well more than 150 years ago!

When it feels so right.

That’s the spirit of knowing when you have that once in lifetime love. And I believe it’s what has made romance novels top-sellers and will always make them top-sellers. We all want that and dream of it and hope and pray for it. And, when you read about someone who has it, even a fictional character you relate to, it gives those dreams and hopes and prayers new strength.

When a person, place or thing is right in your life – you know it. It’s a feeling in your gut that doesn’t fade or go away. And you would never want it to anyway!

How this happens.

In my story, it’s a roundabout process that is easier for some characters than others. But you can count on reading that line in my books, probably more than once and even from those you never, ever thought would say such a lovely thing!

Whether it’s sweet Margaret as she grows up, a new female lead named Nora, Tracy Allen, Hector Arroya or perhaps even a stern old-maid named Priscilla who gets bitten by the love bug way past age 70 – you can count on many happy unions coming about – even when things look impossible and out of the realm of possibility.

But, that’s what romance is all about, isn’t it?

Many thanks for all the wonderful feedback everyone!

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  1. Linda says:

    You put so much into your work. This truly is your story. Thank you for writing it. It’s wonderful to keep reading. I’m looking forward to more of your volumes published. Hopefully soon!!!


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