He Has Himself To Blame

For being a coward.

That’s what it all comes down to. The man is afraid to love a woman. Really, truly love her. That takes more courage than he has. No matter how good a front he puts up for the world.

For being a thief.

He’s stolen from a good woman. Worse than materially, he’s stolen her faith and trust.

And she’s not just a pretty thing – but a kind, decent and loving lady. Perhaps he’s never met one before so he uses that as an excuse. But, even that will only go so far and only for so long. A year or more later, the man knows what he has and that he’s abusing her.

For stalking her.

Although in the 19th century it may not have been called that exactly. But that’s what this man has been doing for quite some time.

At this point in history, men did have the means to spy on a woman. Not in sophisticated ways like they do today – such as hacking into smart phones and tapping into wifi signals. But they had ways and means nonetheless.

As an example, streetlights were dim and far apart so there were plenty of dark corners in which to hide – perfect for this particular guy to skulk and watch a certain woman’s every move.

And, spyglasses such as sailors used, were readily available to anyone who had the cash and made excellent devices for watching a woman from a longer distance – such as a hotel across the street from where she lived. Oh yes, he could watch her all right. He knew her comings and goings. And he especially knew when she bathed and dressed.

For being a liar.

He says things in his songs and in the characters he portrays that are so beautiful and so loving. Amazing things. But they are just words he’s singing. Just lines he’s reciting. They bring him the applause and adoration of millions of fans. And they bring him a paycheck that’s quite impressive.

Beyond that, everything he sings is a lie. He doesn’t truly mean one single syllable. And then he laughs about it in private, while in the company of one of the many groupies of his day.

For breaking an honest heart.

This is one he’ll have to stand in front of God Himself and explain. But he won’t be able to do that very well.

Because even though he should blame himself it may not do him any good by then. Poor soul. He had such an amazing gift given to him and he refused it. That is what will damn him in the end.

It’s a very sad ending coming for one or two of my characters. No names mentioned. Sorry that would be a spoiler!

From Book #3


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  1. Lucille says:

    That face is so EVIL….love it!


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