You Have To Do Much Better Than That!

Because she’s much too pretty and smart to accept less than the best!

Well, if the man is actually serious about the lady he needs to step up and say it. But that’s second. First, he has to do something much, much harder. He has to say I’m sorry.

It’s not easy for a man to do this. It’s one of the hardest, bravest, swallow-your-goddamnpride-kind of things. He knows it. He’s got his pride tucked up inside like it’s a prize or some kind of animal on the protected species list. There’s no shooting at it as far as he’s concermed.

But when the lady says, “you have to do much better than that!”,  she’s claiming Open Season on his pride. As of right now.

How he got into this mess.

He’s got a smart head on his shoulders. He does. Let’s all give him that. But, he gets twisted in that damn Alpha Male stuff. Yes, even back in the 19th century. Maybe especially then.

Or maybe, and this is much more likely, it’s always been that way with guys so no matter how many years pass, this will still be an issue. God help us all.

It continues to be a problem.

There’s some kind of unwritten law with this man that states he can do and say whatever the hell he wants. And he can do that. There’s no stopping him.

But, what he fails to keep front and foremost in that handsome head of his, is that he must take the backlash from what he says and does when he screws up and hurts others. Especially a woman who truly loves him.

Oh yes.

That’s about the size of things right now. She’s mad. Worse. She’s in the right. Good God there’s nothing more powerful than a woman who has the Justice Of Heaven on her side!

But….what about the giant jackpot questions?

Does she still love him? And, despite his stupid actions, does this guy still love her?

Well, those are two questions all of us who love romance stories ask. Many times over during any good story. And here, in this particular situation, we really, really need to ask both.

Because, if two people love each other and care so much, why the hell do they throw daggers out instead of holding each other so close not a blade of light could get between them?

Is this the end of our couple?

Maybe it is. The lady hopes that it is not over, but she is not backing down for anything. Not anything. She’s standing firm. And this dark-haired beauty is continuing to tell him “you have to do much better than that.”

Her guy has to claim his territory with sweetness and love and the words she needs to hear. True. Heartfelt. Honorable. Never leave me for all eternity. All of it.

And the story goes on……

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda says:

    Love love love this series!! Glad you’re blogging again! Hugs out bikini babe!!!!


    1. Nancy Welker says:

      I’m happy about it too…..thank you!


  2. Lucille says:

    Ahem….Miss Nancy….that picture looks like YOU. Or what you would’ve looked like if you lived 100 years ago! Oh but you did, girl, you did!!! Love this series!


  3. cheryl says:

    She is VERY much like you, Nancy. The hair, facial features and the shape of the face is all you. In another lifetime perhaps….


  4. 95Ralf says:

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