Love Leads To Sex And Sex Leads To Love

It’s a round and round situation.

He loves her. She loves him. Sounds simple? Not at all. It’s uber-complicated and then it gets even more tricky when the love leads to sex and that leads to a passion neither one expected.

Still sound pretty good, right? Not entirely. Because the problem comes in when there are other existing relationships in place, and even though the current plus one isn’t the right one, and the happiness is just not there, still everyone involved must sit down and face the facts straight on before there’s any hope of a happy-ever-after.

Intimacy is natural.

Between a man and a woman who are right for each there’s an Adam and Eve kind of feel to it. No, I’m not being overly sentimental! That’s what these two people end up feeling and actually say it in those words.

Touching. Hugging. Kissing. Staying together until the sun coms up and finding excuses to remain until the clock strikes noon. That’s the kind of lovemaking these two experience. That’s the bond it creates between them.

Why then did God make love so challenging?

Perhaps it’s because the reward is worth the effort. Or that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow means that the trail to that treasure will be riddled with obstacles – making that pot of gold all the more special once it’s reached.

And then again maybe that’s just the way He intended it to be. A man and a woman may love each other to no end and yet God still wants us to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Stepping out of the darkness.

Connecting physically is the light at the end of tunnel. It’s the joy that binds the two lovers who are already nuts about each other, and, it’s the way to become one single soul – again and again – without the fire ever dimming or burning any less bright.

Finally, when their love can be consumated and truly celebrated, this man and this woman find that even before the ceremony, even before the rings are exchanged, that what God has joined together no man can ever put asunder. It can’t happen.

Maybe I’m a romantic fool, and maybe I’m a believer in the impossible. That’s OK with me. My story will always find a way to bring out the best in my characters. Love will win. Yes, it will!

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