Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Even in the 1840s!

Keep in mind that The Victorian Era was yet to begin, and so my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series isn’t about a bunch of stuffed-shirts sitting around and worrying about appearances. Not by a long shot.

Instead it’s about how real people (as they lived in my dreams) felt and acted. It was a time in history filled with passion and enterprise and millionaires were sometimes made overnight.

My ladies are not cute and coy anyway. I never had a dream about a woman who went all weak-in-the-knees over anything. They’re tough, beautiful, very sexual, and, even when they’re behaving badly – my girls just want to have fun.

Playing The Game Of Love.

Guys will be guys. They need women. Very much. They love strong and they are bull-headed and fly off the handle without thinking about the consequences. Sound familiar? Yup. It still happens today!

Sexual attraction always played a huge part in how our lives unfold, and in this series, it’s damn potent. I can tell you that.

Take Connie Merriton for example, small in stature, but big in how she reels a man in when she so chooses. Her husband is as handsome as they come, and rich to boot, but he strays from the home hearth and takes up where he left off with an old flame. It’s a HUGE mistake for them both, but, Connie isn’t exactly sitting at home pining. No way.

Connie packs herself and her daughter up and makes what was then a very dangerous journey from New York to Mexico. It was especially dangerous for a woman travelling with a child and only an elderly manservant as company.

Even though Connie could handle a gun (or a longbow for that matter) she’d have had a tough time of it should she be attacked by thieves, kidnappers and the like. But it didn’t stop her. There wasn’t a force on Earth that would.

The Game Of Love can be difficult. Some risk it all. Even their lives. To Connie, that was the only way to live. Going all in.

For sex and money.

Well, of course. A satisfying physical relationship with the right person and having all the luxuries in life you want is The Holy Grail of romance. It’s what every character wants. Despite how stupid they act at times.

And it’s the icing on the cake for all the girls who just want to have fun. Sex can be fun. Having money is definitely fun And love? Bringing the heart into the matter? Well, hell yes! Go for it, ladies!

Start the series today. It’s shaping up to be a hot, thrilling read!


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  1. chella says:

    I’ve always thought women had more fun back then. Not as many worries. Just good sex LOL


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