Saying I’m Sorry

Never easy to do.

Man or woman, making an apology is going to be difficult to say the least. But sometimes it’s the answer. Just what the doctor ordered. And it can heal wounds he or she never meant to inflict in the first place.

And since we’re talking about love in all the articles at this website, you already realize that when it comes to saying I’m sorry, there will be a road that must be walked down first before it ever gets to that point.

How this happens.

For me, in my books, there’s no prescription for the problems. No formula per se. I tell it like I dreamt it and only fill in the blanks where they exist, as in what I did not specifically dream about.

So my characters take on very real personalities, and they do not always act and speak in a manner that you might expect. After all, none of them have ever found themselves in this position before, so there are those times when they flat out do not know what to do or how to proceed.

Love wins.

You bet it does. My people care deeply, and they may foul up, say all the wrong things, think suspiciously when they should just trust and go for it, and this is, at the end of the day, what makes them human beings and not just two-dimensional names on pages you flip.

And so when it comes to saying I’m sorry, they may stumble, they may even fall on their faces, but it does get said and it does come from the heart. They realize that they were wrong and hurtful when they didn’t think at all about how what they did would cause someone else pain, and all they were thinking about was their side of things and not looking at the big picture.

Our hearts can lead us in so many directions.

And sometimes all at once! So it’s no small wonder that romance characters can be all over the map in their reactions – strong one day, confused the next, suspicious and insecure the following and so on.

But it’s not the downs that make the trip worth the effort. It’s the glorious upside of the situation that makes it all come together and close any distance that may have come between the leads.

God bless those who can forgive. 

Not all of my characters have a great capacity to forgive and forget. Much less believe in the person who stands, olive branch in hand, with nothing but a heart full of love and joy. One of the chief reasons why saying I’m sorry is so difficult.

Don’t give up hope though.  There’s always that!

Book # 3 “Race Against Time” brings my leads together (at least some of them), when all hope seems lost, and end some relationships and even some lives in the process.

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