She Knew In Five Minutes

Well, maybe it was actually twenty minutes. 

But it felt like a lightening bolt so saying it was only five seems much more accurate to this particular character.

And, it was like a fairy tale.  Even though she’s one of the logical types.  She doesn’t like fairy tales.  From childhood she preferred history and geography and art to stories about princesses who never existed.  Give her Joan Of Arc any day – and save the Rapunzel types for someone else!

Yet it did happen. 

Perhaps God has a way of making people feel stupid about their intelligent reasoning.  It’s not meant for every area of life and it surely does not or should not apply to matters of the heart.

Heaven intervened at the point of the lightening bolt and it threw this lady for a loop.  Even though that phrase was not used in the 1840s, there are few other ways to say it that express it so accurately.

How it went.

Not very well.  She messed up all over the place.  Didn’t know what she was doing that’s for certain.  She said things.  Voiced serious feelings far in advance of when they should have been voiced.  That was the first mistake – but it wasn’t her last.

And the poor guy in question felt like his head was spinning.  Did she want him for — what?  A night of passion to remember and not repeat? A lover?  More?  He was all over the place with answers to those questions.  But he wasn’t blameless by any means.  He messed up too, even though he was far more experienced in such matters.

How it’s going. 

At this point in the story the lady is hurt, rejected, and feeling so far from the man she felt sure was Her One.  But, she ponders, is she His One?

Lots of other people in the story get tangled up in this problem as well.  Friends, family, and even a few innocent bystanders, either help or hinder the progress of this lovely Lady In Distress.

Keeping the faith? 

Even though she knew in five minutes, or felt like she did, this lady has to admit that at times her faith has been tested, and it didn’t always come out the winner.

Believing in something that goes smoothly and without challenges is easy.  Believing in something that makes your heart sing on some days and breaks your heart on others is incredibly difficult.

Still working through this and other problems.

Book #3 “Race Against Time” will have the update added very soon.  Right now, I’m working out the details and seeing how much love alone can make miracles happen.  For now, I have to say it’s all up in the air.

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