Love Doesn’t Ever Leave

Even when things seem hopeless.

Love still persists. It’s there even when logic tells it that things are not working out and that the situation has become hurtful.

And even when the lady, as is the case in my series, can’t handle the distance and the tears anymore and walks away, the love doesn’t ever leave. It was real before and it is still real later.

What she wanted.

Was pretty simple. To be the woman in his life. To hold him and spoil him and treat him like a king. That’s something only a woman in love can do and do really well. Others may fill those roles, but it’s never as rich as the real thing.

The lady’s hope was to see her man smile – at her and for no reason other than he’s just plain happy – and enjoy the pleasure of that smile as much as possible.

It’s what every woman in love wants.

What happened. 

She was never a real part of his life. And she waited and prayed for a long time. But it didn’t change a thing.

The man is a rugged kind of guy, can hit the town pretty hard and throw caution to the wind. She adores him. She’s proud of him. But even she had to reach a point of knowing that her man wasn’t reaching back when she reached out to him.

And watching him down the whiskey to compensate for what was missing in his life was more than she could bear.

How she moves forward.

By working toward a goal she has in front of her. In the 1840s most women were not career-oriented and it wasn’t fashionable or even admirable for a woman to do so.

In my series the lady chooses then to put her mind and her effort into charity work – which was as laudable back then as it is today – and so she creates something as demanding as a career without ever calling it that.

Other considerations.

She has her own health of mind and body to be more aware of as well. Waiting for a miracle is all well and good but when it doesn’t come it can take its toll on a person.

So she goes to the equivalant to a modern-day spa and rides her horse as much as possible. It doesn’t make the love for the man go away but it does make her feel better.

It’s not all sadness!

Just this particular experience is sad for one of my characters. Other characters have more fun being mysterious, sexy and some of them are outright evil!

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