Do You Need To Be In Love To Write A Romance Novel?

That is a good question!

If you look at all the romance novels on the market you will find thousands if not millions of authors who publish book after book that involves very passionate love between two people.  So does a writer need to be in love in order to write a romance novel?  I don’t think that they do – but it would definitely help to either be in love or have been in love at least once.

While I do think that a writer does not have to currently be head over heels for anyone there is that golden rule that says a person should always first draw from personal experience before penning anything from an article to a lengthy tome.  So there has to be some kind of well to pull the creative water from in your life in order to make your story live and breathe the way it should.

Past or present or dream. 

I don’t think it matters that a writer knew love many years ago, or only briefly, or perhaps only in a dream or fantasy about their ideal mate.  What does matter is that they can feel the emotion, know the joy, the fear and the tears that all blend together when you really, really love someone.

Yes, it has to be the real thing and I believe all of us know when we experience it.  There’s nothing like it.  Never will be.  The poets and songwriters are all right on the spot when they say it’s once in a lifetime.  I could not imagine it happening twice.

Infusing your leads. 

As an artist, writers infuse their characters with so many qualitites but when it comes to love, they must add that extra sparkle, that extra passion, that extra….mystery.  It’s the definition of what we all want when it comes right down to it – the kind of love that doesn’t quit, doesn’t get weaker, and doesn’t ever, ever go away.

And it’s stronger than whatever obstacles are in its way as well, and has the ability to see past roadblocks and detours, and only has eyes for one thing — having that special one!

What it all means.

Is that love is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It changes your mind.  Changes your life.  Changes the whole darn world as you see it.  And it colors things a beautiful shade of rose that isn’t at all artificial – it’s the most real thing ever beheld and the most valuable.  For it’s that perfect rosey color that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “flaw” but instead brings out the best, the true beauty, and the honest to God passion in our souls.

Wow. That says a lot!  But it’s one hundred percent accurate.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of love?  And how many travel the world to find it?  Furthermore, how many refuse anything else but that kind of love?

It’s with that all said that I’ll return to my work.  My CounterClockwise series gets more and more…..volcanic….as the story progresses, so each book will ignite that fire more than the one before.






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