A Story About Me And Who I Am

It all began with a dream.

A long time ago, when I was but 10 years old, I had a dream about a girl who was my own age, named Margarita. She lived in Mexico with her mother, who was also born in Mexico, and her father, a handsome American army officer.

These dreams came to me once every year, and they were pleasant and I always felt happy when I woke up. It took years before I realized that there was a pattern to them – and that they were in fact telling me a story.

My life in the rearview mirror.

That’s about the size of it. These dreams allowed me to see my life as it was, as a child growing up in the 1830s, first in a lovely village in Mexico, about a day’s ride from the ocean, and then in New York City, where Margarita (now called Margaret) spent much of her teens.

It all makes sense.

Yes, it really does. So much has happened to me in these past two years that confirms my belief in a previous life. One lived with so much happiness and joy that it brings tears to my eyes. That kind of emotion is so powerful it can never really die – it lives on with God and only He determines if and when it ever comes back.

And although there were frightening times during that life I lived, the amazing love story it told me is one of a kind.

Being at peace with my beliefs.

I am that.  And it’s a great place to be.

At peace with the belief that what I tell in the CounterClockwise Series is nothing less than a collection of stories about me – and who I am.

Those stories are put together in a fictional format, with interesting plot twists I created myself, and of course none of the characters are in fact actual persons, however, to me it lives and breathes just as if I were writing my autobiography. Strange as that may sound!

Life is good now too.

Oh yes it is! I have been blessed with a family that is amazing and beautiful and my husband and children are the best people I know.

Yet. There was another life. A short one – very short. That perhaps paved the way for me to live a great life now. That’s how I feel about it.

By knowing about that past life and experiencing so much of it by writing the CounterClockwise Series, I am given more than I can describe.

And so, on this very fine day, I hope that all of you hold on to your beliefs, be true to yourself, and if you find love by all means don’t let it go! Ahhhhh……spoken like a true romance writer!


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