Tracy Douglas Allen Goes Missing

Hello friends!

I am very busy these days and I’m afraid I haven’t had the time to write that I used to have.  Fear not, I will update “Race Against Time” and likely the first two volumes as well between 2019 and 2021.  It sounds far off, but, actually it is not.

Today I am writing about a character we all seem to love and hate at once.  None other than The Big Baritone himself, Tracy Douglas Allen.  He’s something else in lots of ways and most of them, well, are lousy.  But, his lack commitment to the right woman is not the only thing I’m here to talk about right now.  It’s more.

I am not sure if this will come as a good or bad surprise, but I’m sending Mr. Allen into the realm of fictional missing persons.  Whether that’s permanent or not is up for grabs, but as of now, I’m making that a part of my changes coming to “Race Against Time”.

Here’s what is going around in my head:

The rather plain, but amazingly strong, wife of the famed Tracy Douglas Allen, Anna, is now divorced from him, and happily married to another man.  The couple live in The Dakota Territory (during the story it was not yet officially established but I’m giving reference to the area), and have added their own children, twin boys, to their family.  All four of Anna’s children with Tracy are also with them, and frankly, none of them have any desire to see or hear from their father.   Read more about Anna in my blog post about her.  

But a problem about the divorce began to haunt Tracy day and night.  He had not received the money he was granted. Not all of it.

How the divorce came about in the first place was completely Providential.  Anna and the children had been situated on the sprawling ranch they owned in TDT for a few years, when severe weather conditions prevented Tracy from traveling there from New York to see them for a full 18 months.  When he arrived, he was shocked to find Anna heavily pregnant.  It seemed that ranch manager and Anna had formed a relationship, and naturally wanted to marry.  That is what put Tracy in a powerful position when it came to negotiating the terms of the divorce.  Anna, hoping to marry the father of her unborn child (or twins as it turned out to be), agreed to pay Tracy enough money to make him live a life of ease for the rest of his days.  

However, even though there was a more than generous amount written into the divorce agreement, only a trickle of the money ever found its way to Tracy’s bank.  He almost couldn’t believe it, but that little mouse of a girl he had married had turned into a conniving tigress.  

Not allowing this to go unanswered, Tracy decides to venture out to TDT once again to speak in person to Anna, and apply to her honor.  She had been a stand-up kind of lady all her life, and so if the money was delayed, he assumed there was an error somewhere.  At least, that’s how he would put it to her.  

This is where Tracy Douglas Allen goes off the map.  He leaves Richmond, Virginia, on a train heading west.  And that’s where his story ends.  He was supposed to get off in Chicago, connect with another train and then finally a stage coach, but, he never reached the Chicago train station.  His manservant, who arrived a few days ahead of him, waited and waited, then at last frantically contacted the local police.

But no answers were found. 

“Believe in your dreams. They might be telling you who you REALLY are!”

What happened?  

On a rainy Spring day, The Big Baritone boarded a passenger train in Richmond, Virginia, bound for Chicago.  He had a first-class, private compartment, with all the finest appointments.  During the trip, waiters and other staff were in and out many times to ensure Tracy’s comfort.  However, about an hour before reaching Chicago, a waiter entered the compartment and found that his well-heeled passenger was not there.  After fifteen minutes he went back again, but still did not find him.  Sensing something was wrong, he alerted his manager and a search was conducted.  

But Tracy Douglas Allen, all 6ft. 5 inches, 240 pounds of him, had vanished into thin air – and it was aboard a moving train.  

That’s where I will leave it.  An unsolved mystery.  

Thanks to all of you for your kind support of my work! 






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  1. May I be the first to say “Good riddance to Tracy!” Can’t wait for the update to be published!


  2. chella says:

    Ha! He just up and disappears?? No way! That bastard will show up someday! Love how you have us all talking about your characters like they were real people. This is such a terrific story!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I talk about them like they were real people too!


  3. The guy is a leach. He only has money because of his ex wife. I hope that Anna keeps stalling and never pays him. He’s alive, I think. It’s all part of his act. Maybe to get sympathy?


  4. Sandy says:

    Where do I start? I hated this character right from the start so you did a good job, Nancy! He lies, cheats and acts like he’s God come to Earth. He’s completely toxic and I also don’t believe he’s gone for good. He’s too evil. He’ll have something up his sleeve.


  5. Cat says:

    Great job with this project,Nancy! I know we all love to read it, but you should probably stop blogging about this series. There are thieves and hackers out there. Hugs out to you!


  6. Christina says:

    Every good story needs a good bad-boy. If he’s gone you might want to consider adding another one. Love this story and I’m also excited to hear that you’re going to make it even better.


  7. Ginny says:

    Maybe I’m weird but I am starting to feel sorry for Tracy. He’s a tragic figure in so many ways. Yes he brings it on himself but he married Anna for money let’s fact it. And then he falls in love with Nora. But that didn’t work out. He may seem big and bad but he’s got to be feeling the loss of that perfect woman. (sigh)


  8. Tully says:

    I’ll miss him. That new guy Francois has potential but I was hoping you might keep then both.


  9. Nina says:

    Once an asshole…..well you know the rest. I like that you got rid of him. Bring in a new bad boy. This Tracy guy needs to exit!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. erin says:

    LOL Nina! My thoughts too!


  11. jocelyn says:

    Adios, Tracy!! Hope he went splat when he fell off that train! (I’m not really violent I just don’t like this S.O.B.)


  12. Yolanda says:

    Hey — let’s start a “Where’s Tracy?” kind of thing! Move over Waldo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chella says:



  13. chella says:

    Yolanda, I read your comment and thought – YES! Imagine that? “Where’s Tracy?” ha! A full grown man disappearing off a train is so cool and who knows what could have happened!


  14. I must’ve read this 20 times. It’s so good! I love your work. Tracy is complicated. A jerk? Yes. A good guy? Maybe could be if he wanted. My vote is that if he mysteriously disappeared then he could mysteriously reappear. I’d like more with him. Maybe he could at least wrap things up with Nora? It’s a thought.


  15. Lucille says:

    Oh gosh. Let me see. I am torn between wishing Tracy got caught under the train wheels and smooshed like a tomato, and, that he turns up with his brain 100% functioning and heads straight for Nora! I know her hub is back, but, that’s a little too weird to be true isn’t it? I mean amnesia? Come on. Is that true? There is room for the story to twist I’m thinking! Love out to you Nancy!


  16. Christina says:

    I commented once before but saw the recent interest and wanted to join in. I like Tracy, kind of, and wish you’d consider keeping him in some way. There is some kind of showdown that needs to happen with Nora and maybe others too. He’s a bad guy. And he keeps everyone on their toes. Love this series. Can’t wait for the updated volumes!


  17. Jill says:

    Let the asshole rot in hell as far as I’m concerned! Uh-oh I’m one of those readers who relate a little too much to fictional characters, right? LOL It just means that you are a good writer with a good story!


  18. Kelly-J says:

    I like Tracy. He’s got all kinds of issues but that is what makes him interesting.


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